If you have a product or service you think i would be interested in send me an e-mail at endoresments@chipgall.com with the details of your product or service and I will get back to you about teaming up with The Chip Gall Band

Carparelli Guitars

Carparelli Guitars strives to be the World's premier guitar distributor and manufacturer of guitars and basses that will fit every guitar players budget. Experience some of the finest Solid Body, Semi Hollow, Hollow Body, and Doublenecks in our NEW Carparelli S4s, New Carparelli Slimm's, Ba-Dasse S1, Ba-Dasse S2, DeCarlo Handmade Guitars, Argenti Customs Made Guitars, Dos Kraken Customs, Nylon String Classicals, and 6 and 12 string Acoustics. You're bound to agree that they are some of the finest guitars on the planet. We are proud to offer over 30 models of unique lefthand guitars for southpaw players. Carparelli Guitars is Canada's largest distributor in NEW Lefty Guitars with new models arriving every week!

Beaches N' Dreams Tanning Salon

Beaches is a full service tanning salon..we offer Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California-Tan and Designer Skin tanning lotions. Our salon is the only salon in Woodstock that offers a spray tan unit as well as our super beds. Our salon staff are friendly knowledgeable and certified to answer any of your tanning questions

Chip Gall endorses and plays Carparelli Guitars