I have the privilege of playing with some of the best talent in Southern Ontario. Jeff, Jason and Rob are the best in the business when it comes to a killer live performance.
Chris is not only my long time friend, he also happens to be my long time band mate from our band SYRE. Chris is (and always has been) a solid musician who will bring his wealth of experience from performing thousands of live shows with SYRE. Chris will be the back bone of this band and I am so looking forward to rockin' with "Shlep" again!!!

Jason Storey from Woodstock, Ontario Canada provides a constant supply of rockiní roll enthusiasm. Jason also played for many years with Hypnotic Murmur as well as popular cover band Angry Dragon and currently with home town favorites Shattered. Jasonís solid guitar playing, stage presence, flare and genuin excitement for music adds that much more to our stage performance and Jason is always ready, willing and able to rock out at every show.

Steve was an incredible find.... I have known Steve for some time now however I always new him as a very talented sound man. I did know he played drums but never new the extent of his musical talent. When it was time to fill Rob's shoes a friend recommended Steve and I immediately liked the idea because he was such a great guy and knows what it takes to put on a great rock show. I was astounded as to how good a drummer Steve was. Solid as a rock...never over plays...and hey the woman love him to (sorry Steve)!
Chris is my secret weapon! He is quiet and somewhat reserved off stage but when Chris cranks up his 5150 his true musical personality lets loose. Chris is the perfect guitar player to reproduce my songs in a live environment. He is an avid Eddie Van Halen fan an his playing style is right up that ally...which I happen to love. Chris fit right into the band as soon as he hit those first chords and hasn't looked back since. He brings a level of musical maturity to the band (which is hard to find) as well wicked guitar shredding talent.
Chip Gall endorses and plays Carparelli Guitars