Chip's self produced debut CD "ME, MYSELF & YOU!" explodes with soaring guitar work intermingled with melodic memorable vocals and big harmonies all wrapped up in a tight high impact package... and delivered with  energy and excitement!

Chip invites you on an musical roller coaster ride of songs touching on a variety of themes...ranging from just plain havin’ a good time to everything in-between. You can walk away singing Chip’s songs only minutes after hearing them...they are instantly infectious!

Chip’s past writing endeavors with the still popular Canadian band SYRE released on A&M Records - Canada, Redlight Records – U.S. & Sony Records - Japan, have met with rave reviews and with well over 2,500 live gigs under his belt and Chip’s experience is instantly recognizable during this highly addictive musical ride.

Whether it’s the radio friendly "POWERPOP” rocker "HEART REACTION"; the hauntingly melodic ballad [in memory of the late JANE CREBA] “PERFECT PICTURE"”or the straight up in your face the AOR friendly “SAILING AWAY”... Chip’s music is certain to touch every human emotion the listener can muster and more!

Unleashing energetic and highly entertaining live performances to round out the package, Chip has refined the delivery of the music on "ME, MYSELF & YOU!" to an intense climax and he invites you along for the PARTY!

Born in Croydon England (with Scottish parts!) and now residing in Ontario Canada. Chip spent much of his youth learning the music industry ropes from his legendary Jazz cornet player father the late Charlie Gall (aka. Dr McJazz) (1935 -2009).

Witnessing his father’s consistent stellar performances set the tone for Chip’s future as a performer.

Chip Gall endorses and plays Carparelli Guitars